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THE NEW CD is out!

Songs for Veterans and Their Kin

Check it out, click on the link:

George produced this new compilation CD with many great folksingers on it.
Also, look for George’s new solo CD “Songs for Jules and Bruce” in mid-May!
You can safely pre-order the new solo CD and order all CDs at:

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The documentary DVD “A Union Man: The Life and Work of Julius Margolin”
is done and available online at our store (opening page) or through our mail order form.

Click back for order forms, links to audio, etc.

Check out George’s new solo website!
Click on or paste the following:
Latest info and antics below…

Our CDs/DVD can be bought for $15 each or any two for $25 (includes postage).
BTW, that deal extends to any 3 CDs for $36, 4 for $47, 5 for $58, etc.
Send a check/money order to: George Mann, PO Box 697, New York, NY 10033.
International orders, please add $3 US for airmail.

If you are press or radio and want a “review” or airplay copy,
e-mail us at

We can also mail CDs as gifts, just send the info with your order!
The cheapest way is directly from us by mail or through our online store
and our CDs can also safely purchased 
online at (click on the blue link for a good overview with audio clips for each CD)
or you can call 1-800-BUY-MYCD for credit card sales through CDBABY. is a wonderful online store that gives thousands
of independent artists a way to promote and sell their music online.
Please cruise the website for audio clips and songs, lyrics,
photos, radio interviews and more info about our work.

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We travel as much as time, health and economics allow. We play everything
from union rallies to cafes, churches and private house parties.
If you want us to come to your town, it’s as easy as asking.
Contact us via email:
Note: Since we began performing, we have held to a belief 
that any person who wants to hear our work should be able to, 
regardless of ability to pay. We have not charged a “mandatory” 
admission price for any concert we’ve produced.